interACT Theatre Youth Productions Proudly Presents

Based on the Book by Robert Louis Stevenson 
by Dan Niedermyer
Directed by Tasha R. Williams

January 15-17 and 22-24, 2015
All Tickets - $10


Young Jim Hawkins and his widowed mother run an old inn in Western England centuries ago. One foggy, dreary morning, an eye-patch-wearing pirate on the run lands up in the inn, befriending Jim and pressing into the lad’s hand a tattered, old, wrinkled and torn piece of paper. Suddenly, unexpectedly, a band of cut-throat pirates show up at the inn!-feverishly searching for what Jim’s been surreptitiously given!
With the help of his town’s squire, Jim realizes he’s been given a secret map to a huge buried treasure of gold and silver and pieces of eight! A veritable fortune buried in some unknown location on some unknown island. A treasure the squire and Jim are now determined to find! Onboard the “Hispaniola,” Jim learns that the crew they hired are not sailors but cut-throat pirates captained by peg-legged Long John Silver (a cut-throat pirate who’s been masquerading as the Hispaniola’s” cook!). But Long John Silver and his treasure-stealing pirates are in for an immense surprise! The treasure they think they’ve found has been hijacked! Stolen by a grizzled, half-crazed, hilarious hermit!