The Crucible

Nineteen men and women - hardworking, compassionate, God-fearing and innocent - go to the gallows for being possessed by the Devil.  Desperate to save his innocent wife from accusations of witchcraft, John Proctor stands up for what he knows to be right - only to find himself isolated, imprisoned and condemned.  The Crucible is a thrilling tragedy about the purge of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts - a terrifying historical account of hysteria, bigotry and deceit and one of the 20th Century's greatest plays. A true timely parable for our own society.

October 12-14, 19-21, 2012
The Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts
10 Durand Rd. Maplewood, NJ 07040

Arthur Miller's 
The Crucible
presented in part through the generous donation of 
Chip and Dawilla Madsen



Director - Nicholas J. Clarey

Stage Manager - Sheryl Gauntlett

Producer - Elena Svitavsky

Scenic Design - Nicholas J. Clarey

Costume Design - Dan Schultz at On Cue Costumes

House Manager - Lynette DiCosmo

Media Relations Manager - Marilyn Lehren

Lighting Design - Ian O’Connell

Light Board Operator - Christine Gaden/Susan Holtz

Sound Operator - Suz Stone/Sabrina Santoro

Photographer - Colleen D’Alessandro

Artistic Director - Nicholas J. Clarey

Production Manager - Sarah Degel

Budget Director - Susan Holtz

Fight Captain - Erik Gaden

Movement Captain - Shona Roebuck

Rehearsal Assistant - Elizabeth Rogers


Abigail Williams - Shiva Kiani
John Proctor - Erik Gaden
Rev. Samuel Parris - Ian O'Connell
Elizabeth Proctor -  Susan Holtz /  Christine Gaden
Mary Warren -Shona Roebuck
Rev. John Hale - Shawn Kane
Thomas Putnam - Todd Spangler
Ann Putnam - Suz Stone / Sabrina Santoro
Tituba - Racquel Bailey
Dep. Gov John Danforth - Walter Zimmerman
Judge John Hathorne - Steve Gordon
Rebecca Nurse - Kate Daly
Giles Corey - Dean Nielsen
Mercy Lewis - Sally Jayne
Betty Parris - Dora Kianovsky
Susanna Walcott - Holly Joyce Lehren
Ruth Putnam  -Elyssa Nielsen
Francis Nurse - Allen Gershensen
Ezekial Cheever - Peter Curley
Sarah Good - Elizabeth Rogers
Martha Corey - Sarah Rosen
Sarah Osbourne - Alicia Fink
Marshall Herrick - James Fink