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A Pocket Theatre Production of

Translation by Truda Stockenström
Directed by Cynthia Ross
APRIL 10-12, 2015
Fri/Sat - 7:30PM  Sat/Sun -3:00PM


        Skye Hersh                
Mike Cox
Diane Machin
               Miss Julie                       

MISS JULIE (1888) remains Strindberg's most famous work. In the history of drama, it is primarily canonized for its stylistic innovations.Censored for its shocking content, MISS JULIE revolves around a familiar Strindbergian encounter: a quasi-Darwinian struggle across sex and class lines. Miss Julie has power over Jean because she is upper-class. Jean has power over Miss Julie because he is male and uninhibited by aristocratic values. The count, Miss Julie's father (an unseen character), has power over both of them since he is a nobleman, an employer, and a father. Over the course of the play, Miss Julie and Jean battle for control, which swings back and forth between them.