Sally Jayne - Featured interACTor
Sally jayne has been a member of the interACT community for almost seven years! She made her debut
in 2011's "She Loves Me," and has since appeared in "The Crucible," "The Full Monty," "The Actor's Nightmare," "Big River," "Once Upon a Mattress," and "Sister Act." Sally has also participated in four "iSings" fundraisers. She is grateful for all the friends she's
made at interACT over the years, and has learned so much from this unbelievably talented community!

Why do you participate in theatre?
Because I'd be miserable if I didn't (I took a two year hiatus a few years back and wound up missing it too much).

How long have you been active in theatre? 
For more years than I can remember.

What does interACT mean to you? 
Doing an interACT show is like coming home; I've met a great number of my friends here, and the camaraderie makes
for a great rehearsal process!

What keeps you coming back? 
The people involved, as well as the excellent quality of the shows!

What you would like to say to anyone who has been thinking of being a part one of our productions?
This company is very welcoming of newcomers; whether you're a 20 year stage veteran or someone who's never been on a stage, you will be encouraged and accepted into the family!  


Aidan Harn-Flood - Featured Youth interACTor
Aidan Harn-Flood was always a shy kid but loved to sing, at that time only for his family, and had a natural ear for music. His mom always tells this story of when he was 3 years old he was able to learn "twinkle twinkle little star" by himself while playing with his toy xylophone. Aidan had all kinds of instruments around and would be occupied for hours just playing with them. He joined his church choir and started singing lessons when he was in 1st grade. He had my first taste of the stage when he auditioned for the school play when he was in 4th grade. He sang Corner of the Sky from "Pippin" and says he was so nervous, but it felt like he belonged on stage - AND it landed him his first role - Benny. 

Why do you participate in theatre?
InterAct was my first community theater experience and when I auditioned when I was 10 years old I was scared out of my mind. But Tasha was so reassuring and made me feel so at ease (Thank you Tasha!) When I found out I got the role of Trelawney in Treasure Island I was just beyond ecstatic. I have done a total of six shows with InterACT and love every moment of it, The two most memorable shows I did for InterAct are playing the role of Jo Harper in Big River, I was the youngest cast member and to be in the presence of such great talent was just amazing, and the second is playing Shane Gray in  Camp Rock which earned me my first award as an actor - “Best Male Youth Actor” - for that role was truly a humbling experience. 

How long have you been active in theatre? 
I've been active in theater seen I was in Fourth grade

What does interACT mean to you? 
Every cast I’ve been in has been like a second family and the theater is a second home.

What keeps you coming back? 
Nick, Holland, Tasha, Meara and everyone else involved in the production of these great shows are so talented, patient and friendly.  It is such an honor to be this month's Youth interACTor of the Month , and I can’t wait to continue working with the interACT team in the future.  

What you would like to say to anyone who has been thinking of being a part one of our productions?
For anyone who loves to be on stage but don't have the confidence to do so should audition with interACT Productions -  the camaraderie you feel by being part of one of their shows, the friendships you will nurture, and their acceptance of just who you are - they are phenomenal with making you feel like you belong there while being in a high quality production.  

december/january 2017-18

Regine Riviere - Featured interACTor
Regine has always enjoyed performing in school choruses and church choirs, but never took it seriously until, after having done a few vocal recitals, she was encouraged by her vocal coach to give it a try. She searched for local theatre companies and found InterACT. She's performed in several interACT productions such as "The Full Monty," "The Vagina Monologues," and "Sister Act: The Musical" as well as the "interACT Sings!" Musical Revues, "Page to Stage," "On the Air," "Stay Tuned," and "British Invasion." She was also House Manager for "Carrie: The Musical," and "The Importance of Being Ernest." Outside of interACT, Regine was part of the ensemble cast of "Ragtime," and played Motormouth Maybelle in "Hairspray." Soon you will see her in the ensemble cast of interACT's production of "Black Nativity directed by Broadway's Brandi Chavonne Massey. You can also see her and a couple of familiar interACT faces in the Essex County based band Flip da Skrip.

Why do you participate in theatre?
I participate in theatre because I enjoy being around people who appreciate the arts as much as I do. Theatre is a great way to see multiple art forms such as music, dance, and visual art come together.

How long have you been active in theatre? 
I performed in a production of Ragtime during my freshman year in college in Spring 2003, but I didn't really get into theatre until 2013.

What does interACT mean to you? 
InterACT has helped me to become more confident in my abilities as a performer. I knew that I was a strong singer, but acting wasn't something I was used to. InterACT has a way of exposing certain personal strengths that you never knew existed.

What keeps you coming back? 
I come back to InterACT because of the amazing production selections. I see great opportunities for people of color in the shows they produce. I come back because I've formed lasting friendships with other members of the InterACT family, and I feel like I'm connecting with my community. 

What you would like to say to anyone who has been thinking of being a part one of our productions?
If anyone would like to participate in an interact production, come on out and give it a shot. We don't bite. During the audition process, you are greeted with so much kindness that you forget about the nerves. I think that everyone has a creative gift. If you feel that being on stage is not for you, there is definitely something behind the scenes that can help your talent shine.


Nola Sigmund - Featured Youth interACTor
Nola Sigmund, a Maplewood Middle School 6th grader, is very excited to be the first Youth interACTor of the Month! She's appeared in 4 interACT Youth productions, playing Kaa in "Jungle BookKids!" Axel in "Camp Rock," Balfour in" Treasure Island," and Ensemble/Interplanet Janet in "Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr."  She loves the friends she's made, Tasha and the interACT crew, and the fun and hard work they do pays off in great shows!  Nola was also a host of last year's amazing Tuscan School show "Are we there Yet?" When she’s not on stage, Nola loves friends, sports, her dogs, her parents and, sometimes, her sister.

Why do you participate in theatre?
I participate in theater because it makes your creative juices flow and ,brings something out of you that you didn't know you had.

How long have you been active in theatre? 
I've been active in theater seen I was in Second grade

What does interACT mean to you? 
Interact means so much to mean and I couldn't imagine my life without it. 

What keeps you coming back? 
What keeps me coming back is all the good friends you make and every show is so much fun!

What you would like to say to anyone who has been thinking of being a part one of our productions?
The productions are amazing and even if your in the ensemble its so much fun and really a great experience for everyone.


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